The proliferation of today’s customer experience tools is 
fragmenting insights across analytics platforms.

It’s no wonder enterprises still struggle to understand how digital journeys impact revenue.     

This is why we created Auryc.

Auryc is a real-time journey intelligence platform that surfaces valuable insights with powerful visual context across all of your digital user journeys.

How Auryc works

Auryc auto-captures client-side events for customers and visitors – a high fidelity record of user engagement including 100% of clicks, views, scrolls, swipes, searches and feedback.

Our journey intelligence platform lets you develop a shared, holistic and journey-centric understanding of your users’ lifetime behaviorqualitatively and quantitatively.

By combining engagement data with conversion events, Auryc’s machine learning algos let you quickly understand why users convert – and why they don’t.

Confidently get to the bottom of hard questions

Why is our monthly revenue decreasing?

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Discover, quantify and recover lost revenue from feature gaps, bugs, slow CX performance or shifting demand.

Why are visitors abandoning before purchasing?

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Automatically report dead clicks, rage clicks and site errors. Understand behaviors of successful journeys.

Why did customers give us that NPS or CSAT score?

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Launch an NPS, Feedback or customer survey and connect what customers are saying to what they are experiencing.

Which acquisition channels are most valuable and why?

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Track multi-channel attribution to understand multi-touch lifetime visitor journeys that convert.

Where are our funnels leaking and why?

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Detect user frustration in conversion funnels 10x faster and surface slow CX response times on any platform.

Which CX features should we fix first and why?

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Auto-detect and quantify magnitude of site errors, error pages served or issues with A/B testing and site tags.

Which behavioral cohorts and segments matter?

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Dynamically create buyer cohorts on the fly based on any customer interaction or funnel journey behavior.

Which feature designs reduce journey frustration?

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Auto-track all customer interactions to review full clickstream events and heat maps retroactively without code.

How do we reduce fraud and chargebacks?

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View full session replay for 100% of journey interactions across desktop and mobile. Stop relying on sampled data.

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Auryc Compliance

We understand the importance of building trust and protecting your and your customer’s data.

Auryc is both GDPR and SOC 2 compliant in order to provide a platform that is both secure and trust worthy.

Case Studies

An internal cross-functional team wanted to determine why the booking revenue of AppleVacations, an all-inclusive vacation package e-tailer, was dropping and whether the reason was related to market, product or technology issues or a combination of them.

By empowering the team with marketing, system and customer journey intelligence, Auryc gave them very strong quantitative and qualitative evidence to prove that the revenue drop was a steady shift in consumer demand. Attention quickly re-focused towards marketing new vacation inventory to match the shifting demand. Revenue recovered to pre-decline levels and marketing spend was increased to make up the lost revenue from the decline.  

A lower-than-expected number of visitors to SpoonfulOne were entering the purchase funnel for the newly featured annual subscription baby formula service that had been praised by influencers in popular parenting media.

Using Auryc’s powerful voice of customer feedback, survey tools and heat maps that their product manager implemented in just minutes, the SpoonfulOne team was able to precisely identify where their customers’ attention was focused and what was holding them back from purchasing. SpoonfulOne launched new site content to build customer trust and released a new product offering which increased first time purchases by over 500%

As a travel company singularly focused on beach vacations with multiple industry awards, CheapCaribbean was winning 50% of disputed chargebacks using a popular server-side CX platform. After reviewing lost revenue cases, the team believed they could win significantly more chargebacks.

Using Auryc’s higher fidelity session replay and behavioral cohort analysis, the CheapCaribbean team successfully achieved an 80% win-rate of disputed charges, recovering over $1.5M of lost revenue in 10 months.

One of the brands of a multi-billion dollar luxury resort company Apple Leisure Group, suspected that their bookings were being adversely affected by confusing, broken or poorly performing CX features.

By combining Auryc’s feature analysis with behavioral cohorts, their team discovered a confusing calendar was affecting 54k sessions, broken A/B tests and javascript errors were affecting 5% and 11% of sessions respectively, 7% of searches lacked inventory coverage and 9% of pages took over 3 secs to load.  Together these feature issues adversely impacted over $64M of monthly revenue. Auryc’s session replay let the team find the cause of each issue and resolve them all., an intelligent digital career matching service, planned a six month beta to provide enough testing to feel confident in launching publicly. Their service competes on product quality by deeply understanding applicants and connecting them with the best job opportunities via machine learning based on the team’s rich hiring experience from Google.

Using Auryc’s quantitative analytics and qualitative session replay and feedback surveys, Leap’s product team was able to test, learn and iterate hundreds of feature improvements, gaining enough insight to cut their beta time in half. Leap’s testing generated the CX confidence they needed to publicly launch in less than 2 months, 50% faster than originally planned.

Find out what’s beneath the surface of your CX

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